I was busy lounging.

sometimes you just DO what you're doing and forget to document. Here are a few images of stuff that fit in between other stuff.

Yaya, in addition to being a fast SS red rider, is also a whiz at tying things up. This exercise in tensile structure design made for some extreme relaxation between rides.

This is pretty much what all of Durango looked like afterwards. Just beer canz....

The sunglasses are done, finally.

Wearing the DFL belt at the art show... I didn't REALLY get DFL, but I think I deserved it up until that steep downhill section that I ripped in front of thousands of screaming fans; that last climb to the top of Secret, which apparently, I alone rode; and that last corner where I busted out in a full wheelie sprint.

The polo playing was most enjoyable, and we did good. 3rd place, in fact! Nice ball-whackin!

Thanks to MCMC, BenZ , Scotty, R2, Will, Garrett, Diesel, Roger, NiRAD, GWHope, Collette, Devon, JVT, Jordan, Bailey, Chad, Doom, Buff Pleasure Dome, Julia and the boyz, Eccher and everyone who came out.

Goddamm, I love those stompaz.

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AdamCarb said...

I love you.