we'll make a fleet

Seems like StOmpaZ will be keeping Metal-Head-Aaron-Mayes-ze-Welder-Guy pretty busy fabricating our new race fleet. Be sure to make em SS & Rigid so we can race them at 24hrz of Moab. Little concerned about the handling on tight turns.... Meanwhile these babies will tote groceries, beer, babies - whathaveu. In between racing, each respective Bonedale neighborhood will keep the charge of one of these handy little whips & use it like a $5 whore. Did I just write that?


Anonymous said...

remember the artbike auction a while back? some of the results of the first welding session held at the gear exchange with Mr. Metal Head were auctioned off and so forth. Well the only non stompa to bring an art bike was some guy who brought a shopping cart bike and it broke before the auction started.. head tube angle is crucial.. and yeah they're a bit restrictive on the whole SHREDstomp front.. slppy

SkoobaSteevZ said...

I remember that bike. It was a bit sketchy even before it broke.

That said, it would be awesome to have one of these for driving tipsy folks home after a long cruiser ride.