RoToR Brand

The wounds from SSWC are starting to heal... no damage from the race, just some scrapes from slam dancing in Birkenstocks to French Miami.

...and post SSWC wounds are on their way. Days ago, MC Slap made it over a big log dropping from Hay Park, but SteveZ didn't.

I moonwwalked over my bike to create my own little bailout package. (my bike moonwalked over me, too) I reached back for it, grabbed the rear wheel as it flailed in the air, and felt and smelled the nagging inconvenience of burning flesh. I've had chainring tattoos, but never a rotor brand.

I will consider the pattern of my brake rotors for next time. A polka dot thing would probably look a bit better.


R`squared said...

so that's what i smelled..... somehow me & the monkey made it over that log drop w/ only a glimpse at how people & bikes might moon walk together.....you should get that thing outlined in tattoo ink, it's special fo sho.

Slappy said...

wavt rotors next time, with rotor guards