SteveZ wins the take home prize!

SO, tonite there was a 'wish you all could still be here' party in Durango, at Ska of course. We really just wanted to super thank our volunteers. Free drinks and food was had by all, with another lap around the art lounge atop of said beer headquarters. Eventually, words and prizes were also handed out...

So , big thanks goes out to ROn ANdrews((you know the one), and he gets free pick of any of the framed entries on the wall. Of course the choice was obvious, but amidst the assortment of beautifully framed pieces, Ron quickly decides on the "pinkasaurus on rotten wood", neatly photoed next to a fine shrubbery, and of course framed with love. It was a breathtaking moment in STompa history, and myself and TricERahops were lucky enough to bear witness.


R`squared said...

hugz to all the duurrrHangover stOmpaz

SkoobaSteevZ said...

Wow. Very nice. I'm honored!

I guess pink is really not just for girlz.