Scotty2Hotty's tourtured wurdz of love re: the WORLD SS event

sirrah attocs posted this on FaceBook & it brought tears to my bloodshot eyez -therefore, I must share.... (once more of us have recovered enough, there will be additional documentation in the form of love letterz & photoz.) ~R2

A Test of the Fascebook wurd-limit...
It just happened - SSWC09 - That'd be SingleSpeed World Championships for the '09 season. Go to sswc09.wordpress.com for lots more.
It hit me like a train today, and to a point yesterday... It was a stres...sful week of preparation, then running/living/being the event - then it was over. I was only a small part of the work and love that contributed to one of the most memorable bicycle events to date, and it would be a massive effort for anyone to do something that could touch the feelings that I have for what just happened last weekend.So much inspiration and thought went into preparation. The coloring contest entry, the course selection, the events and the sponsors. No one will ever say enough about the volunteers and the absolute passion that went into it. The overall venue, the feel of the setting, the multiple nights of music, art, and bicycles.
I spent more than the week helping to assemble part of the art show, giving support, picking up riders, hosting housing/rides, meeting tons of new people, and just trying to spend my free time seeing the whole thing in action. 9-10 hour work days, finished with 5 hours of volunteer time, then 4-5 hours of sleep a day doesn't exactly make you ready to race physically, but mentally it is so powerful. Probably spent most of the first of the week helping set up venues. Spent entirely too much time at my day job as well. Finally free for Thu-Sun. Hectic, hectic, everyone arriving/riding/calling/texting/here/NOW.
Rode a bunch, twice a day. Saturday AM, tired from the big dirt jump party on Friday nite, roll to town.
9AM - chrome silver hot pants go on.
9:46AM - short mid-rif kids tank top goes on
9:47AM - sweet flea market vintage goggles go on
9:48AM - cut beltloop to hold dugout and lighter pouch
9:55AM - photo shoot in the park
10:15AM - slow parade ride warm up (for me) - full costume
10:30 - AM i ready?
Somewhere between there and 2PM, I got psyched up, high fived my friends, breathed deeply twice, rode 22 miles with ?vertical, yelled obscenities (and jokes), walked, crashed once because i was riding too aggressively in a rock field, had 1930's glass goggle tunnel vision, jumped stuff, chased people, got chased, ate bacon, drank any beer offered, and generally had the best time of my life. I have no doubt that something equally as fun will come to me soon.
Finally, the good news. Next year is going to be NZ. I will be racing it on my 36" Black Sheep 1x1, which by the grace of God came to me through a sweet raffle ticket. Ridiculous. You'd just have to see it. I still can't believe that bike is mine. Post race party turned into after party turned into almost no sleep turned into coffee, then breakfast, then leisurely bici polo spectation. Eventually the impending rain made me decide that I should get home... Immediately fell asleep - got up a little bit later, but basically was beyond comprehending much more than cartoons for those few hours. Went to bed at my normal time Sun PM, got up and went ot work today. What?

My first thought was (of course), that I had to see all my friends off. So - got a bit of free time at lunch, and, just like clockwork, I managed to find all those beautiful people I needed to see, and we got to properly say goodbye. The rest of the day worked out equally as well, which finally finds me here. Emotional trainwreck, the beautiful spectacle that it is. I wish I had more right now.
I just sent off some great friends from Carbondale. Later today I saw off more at the airport. It is sad to watch them go. I wish this shit could be every day. Not the airport part, just the absolute passion that is what this last weekend just was. I'm certainly floored, ecstatic. It probably shows. I don't care. It doesn't matter. What matters, is that these things can happen all the time, and if your there it's so amazing, so involving, so real.
I hope your weekend was half that. I hope your there next time.

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