hay aalright, just taking the opportunity to enjoy some indoor company and the like here in Frisco Co with Tim and Jenn, friendz o' Eben and Jean. And it would seem that I'm listenin' to a MANtis radio dj by the name of DJ PAYperCUT who may or may not be DJ VARgolas playing some off the hook latino funk bidnesss. . aanywho just so yah know. this stompa was eventually swayed by one pBRNz analogy that i would be a turd unable to be flushed out of Co if i proceeded west and south and a bit east, basically all the way around Co to durango. and so i didn't. and easterly i head, bound for pueblo and kansas in a couple dayz. . so yah i'll be back for sswcDUHrango09 so that will work. .

STOMPaz o moab. .strong work, couldn't have been more pleased to watch the realtime progress and watch ya'll get spanked by a girl, (and the usual cast of Ut bums who always win single rigid) and VIP it so strong and I B especially pleased that a gift painting was gifted to the fantastic souls who put stompaz up in such vip conditions.. so that's some strong work out there. i'll return to gaze upon said painting and stomp moab again sometime in ze future. .hopefully with a full contingent of tall bike racerz or something. .sheeesh peas m

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