1-month 0stmpn'

aaand I'm almost back where i used to beee. . Yup, Slappy from SlowBoken here in Ol' ColyRado once again. And I guess it's cool here, sheesh! SteamBoat SPrings, specifically, at the Chateau Orton, a friend o' my Pops, and a devoted cyclist, who, as a matter of fact, has been kind enough to host some StOMpaz more than once. This particular visit though, I'm quite a bit more grateful for, due to a fairly real desire to soak in ze tub and streeetch on ze yoga flooorz. (Versus shredding steamboat on BIgfeet at the age of 11 and going powder cat skiing on a Stat 6 race board, spending the bulk of the time upside down; not nearly as grateful then).

A month of STOmpn' as of October 7th, and in Wyoming was I, aboard the John Wayne Pain Train as per usual. Due to my appreciation of the smallest population, (Vermont being #2), and a far grander scale to be sure, I was most pleased to take some back roads through Wyoming. Yellowstone, not being one of those. Atlantic City to Jeffery City, quite a pleasure, and given the Easterly bearing, the only significant Tail wind of SLowBOken Wy. Upon heading south through Rawlins, epic side winds were rather constant, and when returning to dirt again along Wy 71, quite often of the head wind variety.

Full on, out of the saddle, in the drops, swerving, uphill head wind, stompn'. Boy oh boy am I one lucky boy. At least that's a good thing to remind ones' self during days in the ol' pain cave.

Wyoming to Colorado was performed in a day, although by dirt road the border was not specifically marked and it seemed people were still flying Wyoming flags long after my WY tourist map had supposed a border occurrence had occured. IN any event the final 30 mi of my journey to steam boat were a matter of elevation loss, (having gained plenty from said border-land), but not "all down hill as the helpful shopkeeper in Columbine had informed me. And of course, with a head wind, non downhill down hill is pretty much just another thirty. ANd of all the lovely dinner guests to join me in SteamBoat, pBRN as he's apparently now known or DustyKNeez, was sufficiently easy to cajole into a sleep over, with fine steaks enjoyed with Mia Fulton of the greater RF valley; PBR and Zissou screening post hot tub etc. etc. All in all, pretty sweeeeeeet. .

There doesn't seem to be a longer and more ridiculous way to peruse Co than by surfing the western slope to duhrango for the rally of the dead, perhaps when I find a map I'll flip that coin. Tomorrow seems a good one.

STomp on to a certain band o stompaz. they're currently in 2nd at moab, despite the long standing SS rigid team having revamped with a supposedly less tiresomely fast crew, (including a lady whose whuppin stmpz no prob) but in 2nd they seem destined to remain. Excellente. .

Onwards and Upwards, and Peas in the South. . slappy


R`squared said...

so did ya flip that there coin SlappY? & did it land on Preparation or on Timing? & where does that leave the chances of seeing u at The Rally? slim to hanging Dead in a tree?

SkoobaSteevZ said...

Headwinds seem to be the thangs that try to derail a stompa. Xtra weight of the AeroDyne on the back is defintiely a penalty when you're riding cross-country, but a much appreciated advantage if you're just headed up to the START line in, yes, gale-force headwinds / skullbunny staredown. ...and then for the entire BigDumE to be cantilevered in the air, swayying ever so slightly in the wind... somehow adversity brings it out in AstompA.