Rolling out into a new world after last weekend...
Congratulations to the Stompa SS CRew of MHayes, DariNirad, YaYasofer, & the Back of Hollen, whatever that is. DeveRoe and Rx2 were instrumental and invaluable.
The stompaLuv was flowing at an all time high. Yeah, I just said "All time high."

Everyone stepped up to the tall bike/sound bike/singlesteed and rocked it hard. The offering to the rock gods will hopefully be well-received, and BenZ owes me for jerseys anyways. SteveZ wrote a guestbook entry to Will and Judy explaining the finer points of abdominal modern art, though MC says it's not done. So we need to go back and finish it!

Well-o-well, we've all had a very nice time stompin' with a certain MC (aka BICI-SLAP) in the great state of mind: Colorado. (Utah & Cali were purrty good, too)

Alas, leaving the state of Colorado and entering yer own private... Kansas?
..and Brad conceived a round-the-state counterclockwise circlin' turd. Beautiful. Brad, yer on the hook for what will always be known as the Great Turd Analogy. Oh, yeah. Yer in trouble. Look at that skullbunny and stare it down.

I offer to flip the lever again, and flush the dang thing. into the rest of the country? the world?
We're back to Original Plan to meet up in Hoboken.

Hoboken? Fond memories: I got my jacket stolen there in 1982. yep... Y'all were learnin' how to walk/talk/stomp??

Rally-O-Dead will go on, as will a lot of other stuff on bikes. BenZ, Doom, Chad, Bailey will be assisted.

I got on the supah-tall bike this morning for some post-apocalyptic stompin' therapy. Always works. Workin' it out, Ponderin'...and off to the down-south of Mexico for a spell.

BigStompaLuv to all.

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