iponey bloggnz

aaah snap, does this in fact portend that ipone can blog? If so than that's pertty schweet, cuz if I recall correctly, a month ago this here wuz unpossible. Aanywho, I'm not out of colyrado for another 40 someodd miles ~ aanywho all that notwithstanding, if Devon plans on ending a consecutive run of bonedale fullmoon cruiserz numbering somewhere in the 50ish region; because he says so?! then someone better give him a big ol wedgy from moi. That's all have a nice day. Peas m

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R`squared said...

no fear MySlap,
as soon as i read his post, BELIEVE u me, the DeVonaTor got a Tinyphoney call from little ole me.....yeah, we can orchestrate 2 cruizer ridez a month - letz sTOmp in the Wood and in BonDale, doSIdo, GEAR X guyz, chooze anudder nite! if i recall, & i think U might tooo, i didn't see much of the g'wood "CORE" crew sTompaz on OUR fabulously, stoMpalisciously chilly ridez last winter.....