Rallee O Ded

Well-o-well we had a very nice time with the incroyablement tight Durango crew.
Thanks to Doom, Chad, Bailey, BenZ and the vast array of stompaz who looked convincingly creepy, and who were for all purposes dead and dying... to get on and stay on top of the bikes, the music, the ball.
Ya & Rx2 were instrumental and instructional, and together we made for the best DFL Polo POny Team, melting in the sun...

BenZ's roommate is to be congratulated for making it to Vegas? and for letting a certain stompa crash in his room. I explained that I had brought a bag of soot that I would be using as a pillow, so he needn't worry about his sheets getting blackened. He wasn't convinced. His last words before hitting the road at 1:30 AM were,
"Really... wash your face."

Uh, D9. Uh-huh.

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