Straight Strange

Weirdest thing that's happened to my bike in a while. Roostin' along Alta lakes on Saturday and all of a sudden, Whooo Wha HWaWHA?! Riding along a straight narrow piece of singletrack quickly, and all of a sudden massive front wheel skid... managed to stomp it off without crashing

And just like that my tyre is not on the rim and my tube is all whomped out and expanding. So of course as i go to let the air out i gotta take some pictures too.. And somehow a rock had managed to wedge itself between the rim and the tyre was pinched against the far sidewall with a rock of such perfect size that i had to pry it out of there and the rim was more or less fine. Did i mention i've never really trusted specialized tyres ever since i watched Skotty roll his and crack his knee/skull in moab? Well the 2.3 Eskar just got on my shit list! Planning on getting them sweet stanz tubeless rims and rockin' the Rampage once again since it's about as sweet a tyre as i've ever had on da niner and the new wtb niner tyre 'Bronson' also kicks ass and at 2.2 is pretty much big enough for stompN. . anyway i proceeded to get a pinch flat on my rear kenda nevegal which hasn't been much of a tyre this summer either. . dang give me 4.o or give me rollerbladeZ!

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i think your grind plates on upsidedown