Man did I have a sweet ride on the pave. Glorious pavement that ascends past a lil private road sign up in to the precious mega mansion subdivisions on the sunny side, up and up. And hot fast and tight on the DH, boy was the Cooper pumped.

And this goofalope, sold me the Karate monkey for Hilary since he bought it too small, then he bought Stash's old Spot 9'r belt drive SS. Well signs point to him not knowing how to ride. Case in point, Porcupine rim descent led to crushing the Spot, down tube kinked one way, top tube kinked the other, and he walked away. Whoa.

In other news, Don rode his Karate monkey for the first time yesterday, and despite a long standing bike fleet, he'd never ridden mill creek, and boy did he get his on day one. Right near the bottom of the Jud, pile driver. Still walkin and talkin though, which is nice.

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