F.I.n.E STompN

Thanks be to the Harmony and the Blessings that saw MattY make it to Tellride along with the likes of Isla and Brad, for a lovely weekend awaited.
Matty demonstrated the vastness of his STOMpability in getting on the Pugsley for the first time and riding up to the Bridal Veil power plant for the party, where as he stomped me up the climb he remarked that i needed to breathe, despite the passage of vehicles. Then in the five hour and 3 hour versions of Stompaz in action over the next two days, he remained powerfully on the front drillin' it on the Pugz all weekend long. Thanks to Nirad for sending it down so Matty could get the Pugz bug once and for all.
And how can you go wrong with this guy?
Shreddin the Clown Wagon all the live long day, Skotty2Hotty sure was welcome when he moseyed on over from Duhrango for some last minute leafness.

Hilary, rockin' her Bike Wild jersey, is not amused by the Mill Creek bridge. Typical government work, big and blocky. What's wrong with a rope swing?
And straight from sea level, James rolled in from Seattle, was immediately conscripted to the top of the waterfall for the bridal veil party, which went well by all accounts, and the morning after, issued a full stompa team kit and my niner which he proceeded to STOMp the Shite out of for the full prospector/alta/t35/goose tour, so sweet
Marco, meanwhile tries to SUP the surly, with some success.. Brad demonstrates how to start the ride in the pain cave, atop the gondola, and keep on keepin on all the live long day, hooray
thanks for comin'!
See you in Moab for 100 mi of sweetness friday night!

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Sz said...

MattY? Stompin' the stomp? Guess I never really rode w/ him.
I'll have to remember that thing about breathing...