Ophir Pass Hill Climb

Sunday Mornin' bright and early-ish, might as well go STomP the Shite out of it. Ophir Pass rises 2500' in three miles from Ophir SE and the annual low-key event may or may not draw snow or be won by runners or bikers. This mornin was beautiful and what ever advantage the Pugz may have had on snow was not to be known. As it was Petey Dahl went up the hill in 39 min and the next one across was on foot at fourty minutes. Snap

Tried to take a picture of this runner when he passed me on the final approach but got this shot instead.
Some radical sprint finishes. I may or may not have been the last one to work on the green blur on the right but when he missed his shift in the sprint and was pipped by the 15 yr old ti Diamond back rider, I took no responsibility.
How to catch a Pugz? try some Bourbon, and get some 4.0's
Cormac talked about his training and race plans a little too much; more doping recommended. Here he is collecting extra points for the wool italian jersey and loop-d-loop of the finishing cairns
Trav trying to loosen up after tie-ing with the Pugz on his Special SS 29r. DOn't worry, train heavy.
on the way to gettin dropped by a pugz with an ihome bumpn, it;s called STomPN donworryaboutit
More fun to race than a single speed, pugZ!

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