A Little BiciPolo Muscle

We flexed a little bicipolo muscle down in Fort Quollins for the Colorado Cup.  Although the Stompaz didn't win the cup, we played great and as Will said, "did amazing things."
We beat the Belfry Boys handily, once in the morning, and once in the afternoon.  Sz got his shot on, well, almost.
We went to the finals against the Durango Malletheads and Sz did score on them, which was a first.  It was an under-Bailey's-bike shot that hit the back of the net hard, untouched.   ...and there were 2 or 3 long shots that were SO CLOSE!  Dang!  Second place ain't so bad.  We've been improving since that first Lyons Tourney where we got 4th, and since our 3rd place showing in Durango at SSWC.  We won the Blockheadsz Tourney in Glenwood Springs, which will have asterisk next to it since neither of the defending champ teams was there!  Whatev. R.

"Hey Lady!"

The best part was just seeing everyone... and kickin' back on a bike all day. 

A little bicipolo muscle:
(I have the seeds, if you wanna grow one, too)

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