I think we have the birth of a Mountain States BiciPolo Whackerz Group. Great f'in job, ChainSaw / Passion / Oskar Blues / New Belgium / Rocket Booty.
Stompaz represented in the finest manner...  out of 14 regional teams, we got 4th.  Big stompa hugz to Diesel Dan/RogerKHotMale/DevonCa$hMonnaie for workin' some magic with the polo mallets.
It was, in short, awesome.  SteevZ didn't get totally exhausted until the semi-final, which was played immediately after our 45 minute long quarter final, a grueling match against this team from Ft Collins, "Going Down Swinging."   Serious body blows and smack, too.  We worked it all out on the field without the help of any impartial arbiters and came back from being down 2-1, winning 4-2. Good game, guys. Can't wait to play the other teams... probably 4 or 5 we never played.
Boulder rocked.  They rocked us, fo sho.  In fact, Boulder played DGO in the finals.  That was a thing of beauty.  SnappDragon was in full form.  He even did a bikedive for us on the sidelines.  Man, I learned a lot about bike ridin' watching that game. Still sore, with multiple lacerations and bruises, and a stoopidhugegrin on my face.

So, it was Durango, Boulder, Salt Lake, Stompaz and then everybody else.

Is everyone up for a mid-May tourney in Bone Town?

I took ZERO PIX. Can't wait to see the stuff Roger and Devon shot...


Anonymous said...

Good times, guys. Fixed gear polo is hardcore! Though maybe a disadvantage.

Do you know this Steve-Z?


-Doug Render
Boulder Bike Polo

SkoobaSteevZ said...

Better call me Skooba!

Devon Balet said...

fixed gear is the true form of polo. one day all your front ranger boys will finger that out. it wouldn't be a disadvantage if everyone else would sake up.

Anonymous said...


lots of pics here. these are also posted on Oskar Blues Blog.