Yup, I am Bruce Willis,,, Kevin Bewersdorf , stmp
So , first off, sorry to everyone else from Illinois who didn't get this shirt, but Kevin Bewersdorf is pretty Much BruceWILLis as far as I'm concerned, and today we had a lovely chat over tea; aand considering I'd slept in that shirt the night before, it seemed only right for him to have a piece of BRuce Willis STOmpa LUV. He says thanks to all the stompaz out there who are in like with Bruce Willis, and of course, the entire maximumsorrow.com catalog, Babes, SlowDudes, and the hottest photography collection ever available for free on the interweb.. as I most certainly am in LUV with the work.. and a thanks to KB for continuing to STOMP in the face of all we're hurtled through on this here planet day after day..

We're real excited to be gettin Kevin off on the right StompA foot, this Sunday, at BByB where we shall introduce KB to his new whip and proceed on the inaugural FastYfierce group ride!

Tomorrow of course, we shall rock the sox off this here town, with the 12WeekOpen Party at BByB, and for those, like Bruce, and Kevin, who won't be able to attend, we'll be glad for your spirits to STOMp with us, and for all the rest, hope to see you there.



R`squared said...

That ain't no Po-Po, it's Carl Winslow. Why u try to hurt me, don't u kno i'm Bruce?

SkoobaSteevZ said...

Man, he IS a babe!
I trust he'll be writing us some more anthemz...