Stompa of PAIN!

hi ya'll stompa lovers! deveroe here. so i am looking at going on a little bike ride from point a to point b, also known as glenwood springs to montrose. a short ride of about 122 painful miles up and over the mountains to my parents house i go. why you ask? well i have a very important date in montrose on monday the 23rd at 11am. why by bike you ask? WWWWWWEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLL..... i am now the proud none owner of a CO DL. good and bad for sure. SO! i was curious to find out if anyone would be so inclined in joining me part or in full on my journey in the pain cave. I have had about 10 hours in the saddle so far this year, five of which was playing polo in Lyons. So i figure... why not double that in one day. any takers? OR maybe someone would like to drive me part or all the way so i can find out what is going to happen with my lovely life. give this lonely stompa a holla if you so feel like helping or want more info. 970.209.0854 thank you all kind friends. will trade ride for bike work!!!!

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SkoobaSteevZ said...

Good call, DVeroe. I will be heading opposite, so call if you need anything.