Stompaz stompin hard in Lyons CO Can Cup!

Not a bad showing on our part i would have to say. despite having our tired a$$ handed to us in the semi finals, we were there none the less. Diesel Dan showed up to be the saving grace of our fearfull-less team of Stomparillaz. SteveZ, Rogeroger, Diesel and myself Deveroe made our way to the fields where most teams have been playing together for years and had months of practice under their belts. US? shizzz! first game out was my first time playing this year, and i know that went the same for most of us. Through the first round robin we were seated 4th out of 14. DAMN BOYS! we fought hard and strong. We even had to put down some hard hockey skillz on some unrooly boulder/fort collins/durango boys that though just because they were cutting us off that we would stop. SHIT OLD MAN! A hard fought game that went on for hours (as it felt) brought us to the semi finals strong hearted but with tired legs and lungs. Boulder was no joking team. we pretty much got schooled. but upon watching them fight Durango in the finals i felt proud of our performance. As it ended we stood tall in fourth place. the boys among men! Now it's time to get those saddle sore asses our there and play some POLO!

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Slappy said...

JEEeeZ just the cutest STMPZ out there, NICE WORK in that there Can CUP!!!!m