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Arrival in the great and glorious nyc is guaranteed to be mas better if there are bikes-a-waitin'.
As for the steeds of Mr. Ivin Ballen, they needed but a little work, like a new bar, one of them funny little conversion types, and to not be in the 52x16 gear but the 42x16, and a new seat post, and for the rear cog to stop unthreading, and some air pressure, and potentially a re-dishing of the front wheel, and a tighter head set, and a nut to hold the non drive crank on after it fell off in the first mile, and, andandnand and it's a runner and sweet, the Raleigh Capri, 53 cm of pure steel with 27" tires bigger than most tractors' and crank brothers downhill pedals, and the nice seat. So Ivin and myself made the delightful journey from williamsburg brooklyn up and over the bridge and up to the Met to see the Neo Rausch show, the painting above is about 9 feet wide, and back again. Deeeelightful, straight stompin' about the city, only real concern is when threading traffic that the loop of strap off the side of my bag is gonna get caught on someones mirror and rip it/me off... no problems as of yet.. peas m

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