Records, records, and the wheels of steel

Just spending a little time reflecting on last weeks SS ride here in Durango. Since the meeting place is held in strict confidence, I will not be divulging much information on that.....
The start of the summer, we had 14 or so riders, and it was officially claimed a record of attendance. Next week seemed like it happened again with 16. The last few weeks were around 20. Last week, there was alot of speculation and whatnot, and it seemed like the longer we lounged in the street tipping cans back, the more people rolled up with silly little shifterless bikes. The ride started late, was fast and congested and more than a little silly, but the final headcount was 27, which was , I think, a record.
Speaking of records, this little stompa is a bit sad that I am off of the radio spinning status at the moment. Due to my current work schedule, the airwaves couldn't accommodate me anymore. I will hopefully return to another spot in the evenings making auditory mayhem for those who would listen. Stay tuned.
Enough of that, if you need to get out, and have a bike that makes you all giddy cause it doesn't shift and goes real fast still somehow, then get on down for the Thursday night social hour. We only skid sometimes and there's really not that much jumping, and if you really wanna you can sprint up front with the other billygoats. The tragic part of it all is that we really only ride singletrack, and beer drinking is highly encouraged, unless you got some whiskey............ S*


double d said...

shiatzu, scissor me timbers and shiner bock.

Stompa said...

i don't get it. who? why? shiftrn sniss? what? yeah id don't getiyt

Anonymous said...


skotty2wo said...

hey anonymous, you sound really cute and hot and i'd so super like to date you, but i don't know your name (or bank account #)... besides, it's hard to trust someone who gives you broken or misleading dead-end links.