Oh dear lord baby jesus

So anyway Justin and Anna are leaving and we're gonna party down on Saturday like they're comin' back!!!! even though they better... Anyway come by there place on Saturday eve with whatever it is you like to bbq or drink while watching the bbq whhich is no to say that we wopn't be rollin out naked, wait a second.... Anyway come by there place at 780 cleveland right off 8th and the bike path in bonedale @ 6 p.m. and come 9 we ought to be ready for the full moon cruizer ride yeeee ha And don't think that this is gonna be any old full moon cruizer ride, cuz it ain't no sireeee p.p.ps this also can stand in for the bachelor party bachelorette party, going away party, wedding if you're not gonna make it to kentucky, whatev it's gonna be rad so be there saturday june 30th 6 p.m. peas

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Jeffe' said...

weeese gots more blinkiesss