road ride monday evenin'

Helllo rubberroadieezz, so the word is around that we could get more people out if it wasn't a hammer fest? ok ok I didn't know it was a hammerfest.. but that's a good idea, SLOW DOWN, and lets go ride on monday night, 6 pm at HQ right behind city mrkt c'dale.. and we won't be hammers festering? ok ok Route ... all down hill? how about it?
I don't know which route how about down to gwood and up to sunlight and then back over dry park? It's mostly down hill right? Or out to redstone and up towards coal miners daughter, right there next to the coke ovens, ? Questions comments, hammerz? Ok and see you laterr M ax



Anonymous said...

jokes on you, your hammers will avoiding festing with all sorts of other festies, pfft, s'yur ass i GUESS, ha ha, yeahh

skotty2wo said...

ain't them coke ovens where aspen gets all it's... uh..., 'snow' from? that's the way i've heard it.....