xtra xtra

While everyone should of course ride an XTRAcycle as much as possible
They should also drive toyota corollaz', which isn't the case, instead there's the suv.
The corolla though seems to be the basic premise of many an xtra, and that's cool, that's cool..

While it might seem like a good idea to drive some sort of monster truck, it's NOT!

AN XTraMONSTompa on the other hand, is the perfect remedy to the corolla blues
basic recipie, 69'r dual disc xtra w/ gearz, match the position of your raddest baddest meanest bike, STomp IT
and a Nokian studded 29'r x 2.1 in front is just plain silly


Ship Shape Shap said...

As a non-native speaker of stompeze it took me a solid 4 reads (and "diagram" inspections) to have any idea what the heck was being discussed - but i figgured it out. Right on stompaz.

Slappy said...

persistence is good, gratzeee

Anonymous said...

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