At the drop of a Hat, Bro Bennski, hopped up the road from duhrango, dragging with him a large pile of snow, and just so happened to get involved with STompRADion KOTO.org last night, and woke up to heaping heaps of freshly arrived freshies. Scampered up onto the hill we did, to revel in the first powder day of the season. The previous snow pack being in such sorry shape that on the blue square terrain of lift five the hordes where stompin the fresh into settling movement all about. STAY Away from the steep stuff, sheesh! It was rad.. then we came back and Ben Photoshopped his way right into the heart, before skipping back over the reopened Lizard Head pass, back to Duhwango for a day at Wolf Creek manana with it's supposed 45" , sheeesh And in Ben's benevolance he hooked a swell fresh pair of gogglez for moi for the holidayz. So snice to see, and it's just gettin started..

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