Diesel Electrificationne

Its always hard to miss a Full Moon Krooze with the Stompaz.  There so are many stompaz worldwide,  I think more of us miss the FMC's than attend them.  Expatriotz just have to piece together their own little FMC, in some form...  and we ride with them.  The full moon can be stomp'd from wherev.
Thx to Diesel for progressing the sport with pyrotechnics.  If the lights don't flash, burn some rubber!  (or send 10,000 volts through the thing, just for good measure)
By the good fortune of advanced robotics, the boomstracycle is self-healing, and lives again to bump another day.  (night)

The solar charging system, though, has seen its last days of converting light into sound...
Are there solar panels designed for combat?


Slappy said...

if the boombike is dead someday and lying in a pool of blood, we should definitely send it off with dynamite, if we're not alive when the time comes, we should make sure those stompaz runnin shit are well aware

Sz said...

One last boom.
Euthanasian TNT
noise 'til then.