Thanks be to the Most High!

Chris Bowlen is with us all, thankfully, despite a rather ill executed misty flip in his truck this morning, he did land on the wheels. Apparentley he came too while the truck roared off the side of the road, mowing down a 'No Misty Flips' sign in the process. After that he walked out, looked around, and drove it back up the bank and parked it with a for sale sign on the side of rt 100 outside of Killington.. Noo, he's gonna turn it into some sort of backwoods logging monster party machine, that's what i heard.. IN any event, Bowlock has a long way to go on my car tally, but I sure am glad he's still here!! xoxoxo m

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JVT said...


Gravity -0
The good guys-100,000,000