G'wood BiciPolo Stabs at the Establishment

Yeah, I 've heard about the dangers of bicipolo. Or was it polio?

There are a few stompaz who'll have to extort $ to pay a hit man to knock me off before I'll take them off the bicipolo list. Actually, the plan is to tone down the colllisional aspect and play more like the pros: finesse, mah brutherz & sistahz.

The official play-by-play: We played, we played and we played. The pitch is like buttah... Out of the way, on the bike path, lots of room, and open PBRs, no PRB.

Diesel rode down from tha CBD, NiRad rode up from Gx, and Sean and Ray, the Republicans, came out. Diesel and I played 2 on 3 against them... Good skillz game, minimal blood, and more beer than 5 people could drink in 5 hours.

Next week in Sopris Park, rolls right into Full Moon Cruiser.

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