PErform at yer best. . anything extraneous, remove and throw on the grill, perhaps that will help. Perhaps we can set up some grinding, drilling, opportunities, and remove excess material throughout the race from XTRAstmpRigZ; initially i was thinking tyre tread. SNovrlope is of course skilled in this art. BUt we could remove material in the form of drilling holes in the frame, grinding material off and combinations of the above. Racing naked is always good toooo.

Bar ends alternately need to be added wherever possible. I expressly recommend bar ends at the end of your bar ends. Aaanyway I look forward, to seein' you all go fast. m

Hope to have a floating operation in action, and perhaps some fishing palz for fish time. buhbye

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SkoobaSteevZ said...

I kin think of about a million holes to be drilled in the BigDumbThang. Skidding off some tread as weezspeeke. Two canoes, too, with a trampoline strapped in between them, pulled by Xtras on shore, or by aquabike.