Dangerous Hicks Beer Cans of Death Stunt Bike jump

Is this guy is for-real or not, there’s a plaintiveness in his expression and voice that leads me to believe he is. His $4500, nitrogen-tired Huffy 300 tall-bike is a vision of beauty. The video is a bit drawn out but well worth the watch. We can all learn sumthin from this guy.


R`squared said...

BAHAAAA! just played this again for the Vetarific person I was working w/ & we laughed our little arses off. This guy is my hero.

Anonymous said...

Dangerous Hicks is some sort of Southwestern Virginia hero. He performs daredevil stunts across the south. In this countries trouble times it is inspirational to have a grass roots role model for this countries youth. It is rumored he will be making A “Evil Knievel” tribute jump using a bicycle built for 4. In the History of bicycle jumping no one as ever attempted such a feat. Being the All American he is this jump is scheduled on the 4th of July 2009 at an undisclosed ( at this time)location.