Holy Crap!, all this concern for the Future! Oh jeeez Please! Yesterday constituted the single greatest haul of vinyl for this lil stompA EVA! With timing and preperation being what they are in 'ol BRkLyN sRoundZ and I rolled out of the spot around 6, busted up kent slicin wind like it was no big thing and slid into the n6th lala land in no time. . He went to retrieve Mr. Blur-Pezzimenti's tele/cele from Lovin'CUp and I bolted into Academy records. The first thing that I put a hand on was 'Dead on Arrival - Dedicated in his absence to the nefarious chameleon'. Dropped it on the counter and proceeded to grab 'Get that feeling' Hendrix Plays & Curtis Knight sings', 'Blood Sweat and tears' Johnny Cash featuring the Legend of john henry's Hammer, Gil Scott Heron & Brian jackson '1980', and the incomparable James Brown Live at the Apollo Vol. 2 from 1968. And a $15 tecnics w/o power cord, did i mention Kevin Bewersdorf is moving here tomorrow? All of which slipped real nice in the StompA Sack for the high speed bomb to the shop where all was well. . Many hours later, after being blown away by the Lisa Yuskavage show at zwirner, and being gloriously lucky enough, thanks to the Greater BRN -Ann y Isla connection, to see MMW in the west village.. and listening to JB all the way through / Hendrix, Johnny Cash, and painting the door, passing out and waking up, did I listen to 'Dead on Arrival'

Holy Crap, screw the future! a silly rad compilation from '78 featuring barely a fraction of artists' I've ever heard of and having not one bad track, (I'm on side c and the reggae is goin' off) the star alignment remains silly fresh. Now I've got to get all these babies burned onto CD for STOmpAZ WorldWIDE!!!! See you at PureFood n wine tonight for door hangin' dinner PARTY!!

xoxoxo slappy

p.s. don't worry about Cali- they've been asking for it anyway, Bruce'll probably take care of those silly robots out of the goodness of his own heart. .

PPS until I get to spin this stuff for Ya! Be WelL!

PPPPS we may or may not be lining up a Vinyl spinning session tuesday night at the Five Spot Soul Food Restaraunt! on MrtyLe. . Tuesday night next. . details on the way. . m

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