Yup, bKHq, on and up. WhOOtwhooooT hope to see you .....>>>sLAppy

pps new photo UPZ album 'brklyn


JVT said...

1) I make my lady friend sport that turbo seat
on her white/pink cannondale regardless of
crotchal asphyxia. Doesnt that thing ride
your under-dick like a pinned bulldog?

2)The very process of your shelving
tower is as cumbersome as it is not
useful....nobody asked for your
life story Max

3)the advent of that orange has put
everyone in the room on edge....
the bulldog has barely just
rested his chin back down on his paw.

4) We need a new new deal like you
need some new new shoes.......

slppy said...

listen sucka, yer the burthday boy, until about an hour and twenty 1 minutes ago, I'm tryin to get a workd champion toupe, a pair of catlike whispers, and probably a pink future lady seat for yours, so why don't you BACKOFF, and when you do manage to hop a train this-a-way to the brkln you'll be delighted with the functionality of my shelving HQ mainframe station so until next year, suck it sucka
xo slppy

JVT said...

jeeese mc just foolen around you know