Hay there all ya'll great and glorious STOMpRZ, , it seems like the time is now in ol broooklyn, for some stompn to get stompD and for that I am eternally grateful.

In the words of Mr. James Brown, remarked during his August 1968 show at the Apollo about NYC, "I come here to DO Buisness, you hear what I mean?"

And So since I've had the pleasure of meeting not one, but two, fine young STomPAZ, in the form of Coleen and Eva, both of whom have recently come into possession of red racing cycles, one a 1984 ish Treck 330, and the other a more recent Specialized Allez al. And They look fast! And they wanna STomP it appears. .
So the idea for a Ladies Racing Squad out of the shop was born. . .ooh about 5 hours ago. Scott Rounds,
(name in t it should be noted, added the ingredient I was looking for, Fierce, after FastY had been tagged on our drawing wall. Wicked..(( Cuz Scott is from VT and he is MAin Man Bringin IT On the POLOPOnY Squad, as in, we've made two mallets out of the stock he was holdin, and one of his was custom made by a friend of his in Burlington, who happened to have just prototyped it at burton. NBD And he crashed into me over the bars HARD last night at the front of the Times UP Love your Lane ride. . Wicked

and so yeah, we gots another local incarnation of STOMPN
The FastYfierce Bike SQuad

Anyway INquires invited at among other things, the shop, and the interweb brand new blog, holy crap i'm going computerblind. .

GOOD THING KEVIN BEWERSDORF IS ON THE TEAM!!! or at least I hope so, he has released a new song, and is moving to nyc tomorrow or something. The first explanation on Stomparillaz Whip creation will be a bike for Kevin. . WHoooOP!

I ought to beddy bye now, big day at the ol shop tomorrow. . .


xoxox slapppy

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