D9 or EO?

As far as I know, I am not lysdexic. (Brad, I'm not making fun of you)
I could have picked up on this much earlier, but honestly, I just couldn't have believed the depth and breadth of the ineptitudes. The saga of the Stompaz' D9 Apocolyptic Jerzeez is full of that made-for-the-big-screen drama, and surprises around every corner.
The latest intrigue comes from our D9 logo / stencil that was irreversibly reversed on the sleeve. You may note that it says, "EO" instead of "D9."
Since we carry around mirrors to remind ourselves that we're not vampires, we can use them to see the D9 as a proper D9.

As usual, SteveZ is on the task of backtracking through confidential documents to get this sitchewation rectanglified. Do not panic. Do not worry.

Happy Chriztmaztime.

1 comment:

R`squared said...

wowza SteveZ, u mean to tell me u just now noticed the ineptitudism? well, i'm sure you were blinded by all the snow in u're eyez.
we'll just say it's a SecretStOmpa-code.....& yes i keep a mirror on my bici NOT to remind myself of my non-vampirism (which as u all kno, is questionable) but to see if i have spinach in my teeth. I Yam What I Yam.