Perhaps Ya'll remember the COmpact? I know of one stompR who signed up, along with the whole fam.. curious how he enjoyed it. . the basic premise as he led me to believe was/is: purchase no new goods for a year. . with the exception of NECcesitieZ! So Food and Safety ought be bought regualry of course, but no new Stuff, with the exception of one day of the year that you sign the compact for, when you can purchase, as in, make the transaction for whatever new items you NEed! grand plan anyway. . the only thing that i'll want for the compact xmas- which could easily arrive used and thus be of no trouble. . .a BIG Wheeeeler!! WHoooHOO just like those cute lil duhRanGo stompaz>!>!>


Anonymous said...

wasnt there some clause about incessantly and frivoulously purchasing low quality items at high prices?

AdamCarb said...

Yep. Still doin it. Signed up for another year of reusing and scavenging. It has changed our outlook, taken us off the consumer band wagon. You can find pretty much anything..sometimes you have to wait.

here's the link

Anonymous said...

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