What is Stomping???? Do you really want to know? It might shock you and then you might have a leg seizure and uncontrollable stomping leg. HMMM…It is kind of like having your eyes painted shut and then opening them for the first time to see the world in a new light. Do you want this?

The Bike Mechanic Formerly Known as AdM

Good definitions of Stompin'.
I think we're all in a gree mint.
Stompin' is just bringing the sum total of who you are... to everything you do. Its about creativity & love. It just so happens that those of us who ride bikes do all that best. And, of course, the only thing better than bici are BICI, and then only sometimes.
Yep, that is a fairly concise summary. The Max Cooper Club, well, it may have started that way. It may still be. Who is to say? If everyone is a Stomparilla and some just don't know it yet, then well, Max Cooper is just the first Stompa.
Stomparillas, we don't need to explain it. We only need to demonstrate. Leading by example...

Moi DJ ScoobaSteve

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