STmpZ Help each other, come on up you're gonna die

Daniel Richter


bjornhorn said...

"stompaz help eachother. Come on up... your gonna die" At first reading this sounds like a threat. Then you realize it is a sincere invitation to be part of some cool stuff while you are still alive. Hey how many times does it need to be said. L if e is short. Why waste it snoozingallcozydozingallTV. Stompaz help eachother suck up each moment like a life force ardvaark. Think of it.... Boomboxes, Poneys, Blinking lights, Boozeys, Peanut butter, Pets, Beach balls, Rollerdisco it can all be ours; its in the palm of our hand.

Help Us Help U.

Kat said...

Are you guys for real???
I still don't get it. How do I join? Do I have to race?
What is up with Phat Tai?


Stompa said...

ummmm yeah phat thai is comin
nextnext saturday 10th 10 p.m. phatthai stompaz VALentine Makin Party next morning you don't have to race i certainly don't plan on 'racing' so much as um yeah stompn'