Stmp on the AIR

SOOOO the STmpz live to stomp another day..

STomp RAdio Coming Up. KDNK has a new mixing board and sweet big new table, ought to be Sweeeeet. I was thinking that perhaps in the future that stack of cable on the new board could be the actual music players, you;d just slide a cd into the cable or maybe a record or a tape?

Anyway STOMPA RADIO will be on the air monday yup that's that 2MORROW MOnday Eve from 11-? at NIGHT Double header the following Tuesdaymornin' from 8 -10 a.m.

KDNK.org 88.1 ish in the valley you got it...

ANd would it or would it not be a rumor that the STmp DJ squad could be djing Black NUgget ladieZ night this coming thursday? Well it's not not a rumor and you probably ougght to tune in stomp on by -cuz there may well be some bid-ness this thursday at the nuggettt p.p.s bring vinyl >>> bring thrilla on vinyl

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