WhOOOOOOOOOOO Well the 1st Stompaz Phat Thai Valentines Card Making Party was indeed a success. Supplies were proffered and most everyone took advantage of the opportunity to make something. DJ Tricerahops did a fine job of working the kinks out and the Stomparillaz, past present and future, got down on it till the breakabreakadawn.

It has been a incredibly long week for the Stompaz and Saturday night put a definitive and positive cap on all the turmoil that can embroil anyone, anywhere. The turnout was a testament to the all the good action in the area and all the love that we need. Truthfully the departure, this morning, of a key Stompa, Damon, was made a lot more positive by all those valentines. All we can do is keep on Stompn' wherever we are, and for every one of those valentines that was made for no one in particular, know that the love is what powers the Stompaz and we need to direct as much of it to Damon as we can to insure his safe return.



illyvanilly said...

not only did i not end up with a valentine (crushed) my v-day coat is there if somebody could be so kind as to swing by the lost and found. its a plaid slicker.

ScoobaSteve said...

s'all about th' luuv.