Xenu Day International just so happens to exist in the same time/space as the STOMPARIllaz(enu)? Phat Thai Valentines Card Making Party!!! 2.10.07 Holy Canollee, well DJ STompaZ will certainly be playin' lots of scientolgist music, Beck mostly..

Saturday, March 10th is Xenu Day International, coinciding with the birthday of L. Ron Hubbard. Events are currently being planned for San Francisco, Carbondale, and Seattle.

On Saturday March 10th 2006, all 5000 scientologists across the planet will be celebrating their own version of Christmas. Drunk aliens, stopping traffic, handing out propaganda, preaching the gospel of Xenu the Galactic Overload, will be there to greet them.

Thanks to <> Jacob Appelbaum for the tip!
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p.p.s Scientologists Are Stompaz! whew

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Anonymous said...

I see no reference to bootyshakin, valentines card makin seems like the kind of party i can have not all the way up there.?