they made us all proud

stompaz kinda killed it this weekend. won the single speed rigid class... by an hour. Our very own Nirad had the FaSTEst ss lap of 1hr10min42secs. that's fast ya'll! here is some eye candy.


R`squared said...

ver niice D$! U sure do know how to snap a shot... EWWH, & we forgot to mention not only did our guyz rock 1st, fastest lap & all that...they also finished in 14th OVERALL outta 365 other teams! YUP - overall - now that's not sumthin to sneeze at. (but really, It's all thanks to their amazing StOmpaSupportBra taking such good care of them, once she quit playing around out on course & got off her ass, drinking beer & sittin round the fire ;P) What a weekend - strong work StOmpaz.

AdamCarb said...

I am honored to know these people.

BRN said...

hug fan, i got all there albums. and love the cover art.

GenghisKhan said...

Amazing effort and killer time! Congrats, especially to the support crew!

JVT said...

excellent work thunder pants squadron!
full sail.