Remember to Wear a Helmet Folks

Just did a sweet front flip.... well half of one,
but it was big...guess the ole fork didn't
wanna be kicked anymore.

A dude stopped to see if i was OK and I nodded cuz
i couldn't breath. He wanted to know what happened
really because not to many people go that huge on
fixies around here....... I pointed at my fork after
I saw that he had some bike racks on top of his
ole suburu.... he understood.

Then a crossmonkey out for a snowy ride rode up
and acknowledged the lovelyness..
Helmet cracked in half.
I think im gonna be alright.....may have cracked a rib......not

I know im preaching to Jehovah's  favorite choir here boys
and girls but...... Remember to wear a helmet......
Hoooray im alive and feeling good!!!
It felt like five soft hands caught my head
just before the ground arrived.



MikeVanTasstic said...

Only racists dont wear helmets

SkoobaSteevZ said...

Helmets are made of cranium and should therefore be held in the highest esteem. 2 cracked helmets to my name, but its nothing to proud of!
So, what sort of dynamic forces acted in this collusion against your helmet?

BRN said...

go ninja JON. always new

JVT said...

i am always new.........
what also helped was my snowy
towny gear...

wool pants
wool shirt
all contained in a lovely Carhart
double duck cover all........
a casquette and slim fleece layer
under my helmet.....

id say i'd do it again, but im a llittle stiff
this morning.

AdamCarb said...

I don't want to be racist. I'm gonna start wearin' it in town. That's most of my riding anyway. Don't wanna be Brain Injury Guy.