You all are terrible on a bike compared to this guy

I seen some Stompaz on funny bikes n stuff, I seen some do a wheelie and maybe a stall. I seen some put art on they bikes and dress all funny. I seen em havin fun and veering into each other. I seen em get hurt all the time. But they all stink at the jibby-jib and the extremo skill set, mostly as compared to the guy in this video. He stomps for real, like really really! Hes like the ultimate stomping freak from Planet Stompula. I dont really understand how it works, but he makes me think about weird stuff when I watch him. I dont even wanna try ANy of that stuff ever. I just wanna go straight to the doctor.


Slappy said...

Oh Snorky, but yer so good at so many thingsss

SkoobaSteevZ said...

\ stompin is fer dummies.

SkoobaSteevZ said...

I watched this a few more times today. I couldn't help it.
The world is a better place because of Danny. And in case you hadn't noticed, the last part of his last name is "skill."