So a long time ago in the land of honaloo, Yaya and I went on the NoFear mtb ride in VT. Since we were the two youngest people we attacked the crap out of each other and hung out for the rest of the summer. Yaya was the name given by the long time leader of the No Fear ride to David for seemingly obvious reasons.

At the end of the summer when I left for Anderson Ranch Yaya expressed his intentions to visit 'ol Snowmass and the Ass-pen. Of course JVT was visiting immediately due to his proximity, but Yaya made good, staying at the ranch with me on multiple occasions for a couple of weeks; helping to cement my reputation as a reprobate with too many free loading friends.

In time, Yaya saw fit to move to the RF valley and get after his various pursuits, STOmpn and makin' stuff. Much of his woodworking background was rooted in the craft and formalities of wood and he was able to setup shop at the Britts in 'bonedale.

Then the Anderson Ranch eschewed the usual internal protocol for choosing residents, (when his relations with me surely would have backfired) and Yaya was selected in the first round of externally judged fully supported residency programs last winter on the strength of a certain bad-ass treehouse among other things.

Lo-ng story short, his work has progressed a lot in the time I've known him and his commitment to color, creativity, and doin' stuff Real Good warms the heart of stompaZ world-wide; check out his website DavidRasmussendesign.com, and act real nice cuz his chairs are wicked sweet and maybe someday we can all be lucky enough to plant our asses in them, or stash our weeeed in his cabinets, or get him to build a rad hidden record player coffee table, or whatever. .

Strong Work YA!


R`squared said...

well said. we heart you YA!

ann said...

nice work on the nice work!

Slappy said...

ann is brn? I didnotKNow

yaya said...

Nice recap on my historical history of stompin in the valley. super stoked to have ya help me paint my place