well slowboken has reached easterly lands thatz fer sure..11degreez the other night, not in the toasty confines of my sleepin' bag though.. passed through kentucky, where i was hosted by bradz pal brad y lisa, and then a fellow named eddie.. and onto ohio, where i been cold kickin it with atilla and mary in athens and and and
and so those out there on the roads who ask me what i'm upto, what my mission is, whether or not i'm 'like forest gump' its occured that among other things, i'm very very lucky for the opportunity and support to undertake a tour of this duration...
but the simplest answer is that i'm just gettin' a head start on the cold dark simple times that ought to lie ahead, that will be vehemently fought by the masses unwilling to give up there creature comforts that allow them to exist in a climate controlled exertion free vacuous place where comfort is the degree to which you need not do much..
so i'm just gettin' a head start is all.. and handily vacationing at the same time..
of course along the way are plenty of friendly folks i've encountered, who've put me up and so forth, well aware of the implications of this society's consumptive ways and soforth, doing their part to eat local consume less think forward and be good, but it would appear they're not in the majority, as opposed to cross country cool weather bikers who outnumber crosscountry alpaca riders by a significant margin - today i wuz lucky enough to encounter some fine fellows fighting the good fight at the athens ohio bike co-op and they helped me overcome a tired tyre and a lack of homebrew while they worked on the yellowbike taxi bike fleet, destined to be disrespected and generally trashed by the pro partying peoplez of ohio university who the bikes will surely benefit,,, fight the good fight.. in any event there are some lovely websites that will surely make you happy and i will go enjoy dinner so uhh peas out

newsdissector ^dot com
radicalsimplicity (dot org
yomomma #dotdot

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