Honk Honk

Hay there kidz, Slappy from SLowBOken here, signing in from a landline outside of Jasper Indiana.. Yeehaa, well the SLowBoken tour continues to astound and amaze, not least of, moi; and I've yet to grow tired of this enterprise, despite slogging through a day of record rain yesterday,, a day after some a-hole Albion Illinois cop woke me up at 10:30 pm to kick me out of the town park, (mustn't forget to send him a note).. andand-and, here i sit, at a friend of a friends' house digesting some vitels and tip type tapping away. A couple hours before the 'bonedale bumz head out full-moon a cruisin'. Not me, that's past my bedtime, I'll be faast asleep. In any event, the cold is supposedly approaching, right as i get into the swing of warmshowers.org! A sweet website out of Canada that offers 'hospitality for touring cyclists' and an interactive map to link the 6000 plus members. get on, scroll around and then contact the people in the way, people who are free to offer whatever they like, from the aforementioned warm shower to an all organic dinner/breakfast as Blue and Craig were kind enough to provide me with in St. Louis. So that's pretty sweet and I recommend anyone who'd put up a fellow stompR ought to sign up just cuz' In any event this country is pretty big, hopefully on the right track now, and accessible to anyone who feels like taking it in. Someone asked when I last saw someone i knew, (BRN in steamboat), and my mom wondered if I'm lonely yet,(nope). Truth be told, without the magic phone and the ability to chat and email I probably would be more susceptible to that sort of thing, but as it is, I continue to enjoy SLowBoken and the opportunity for longD solo action. It's more than halfway over though, that's for sure, and thanks to another BRN pal, I've got a party in Louisville on Saturday night, so onwards an upwards. .hope all is well for the rest of the STOmpErZ round the world. which brings me to the next bright idea, just keep on riding right around the world.. right?!?. peas slappy


JVT said...

some ice-nine would help with that global trip.

R`squared said...

well, oh well, Slappy u were missed, yet again, on our frolicking fun under the full moon last eve. Substantial StoMpaRepresentation really. video that shows nuthin but sound & lights - did u get it?
soundz like all is well, wonderful & good out there - so all that being said, i must ask, wherez the latest in documentation??// =]