It 'twas pictured, full of pictures, and it was to be; a good time was had by m most of the people most of the time. Upon departing the super secret dance spot, I myself was in a fairly foul mood, attempting with great difficulty to push the boom bike up and out of there, assistance was forth coming and my mood returned to the elated place. Not for long though. Tall bike driven by 1 Ben Cooper was in the unfortunate position of boombike outrigger for a loooong moment, and Ben went pitching off the tall bike, off the bike path, and into the ditch in the dark. One of his buttons was pushed apparantley, since he hasn't been the same since. Alive though, as hopefully most everyone is. thanks for coming, thanks for all the paintings that are gonna be in yer houses' now, and thanks to the SS Troopa for the HUGe Battery that powered that boombike in perpetuity. . xoxo slappy

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