Callin a Punk B***** a Punk B****

The Stompasphere did breach slightly upon BenZ's tumble off the tall bike. I knew he was not himself afterward. He thought I was Tonya Harding. Or maintained that I was, anyway. The scary thing is that everyone seemed to agree with him. Tonya is defiintley the punk beeyotch of all time. So, I'll take that as a compliment, and OK, I'll cstop calling you Nadia Kominici? N.B.: as Tonya, I did nail a triple axel... sucxkaz

Is there really a resemblance?



Treefrog said...

guys...get your female athletes/athletics straight. you cannot mix figure skating with gymnastics (let alone iron curtain ethnicity vs. american) it is like comparing watermelons and bananas. second, if you really know your female sports history, you would know that mary decker (5,00/10,000 meter distance runner) reigns as the queen punk A** B**** cry baby of all time...go look at her histronics when the kid zola budd whooped her assssss. oops, sorry about the language.

Slappy said...

yup i dont know many woman authors..

R`squared said...

YOU'll always be T. Harding 2 me! (U punk beeyotch)

Love, Nancy Kerrigan

BTW -- considering the condition of the playrz that night (mornin?),,, the fact that SS even remembered what "T. Harding" chickEn-scratched on his jersey stood 4, well it's a special day