Yup, Fatherz Day in Glenwood was delightful. Something like 200+ racers showed up for the inaugural Glenwood Spring Criterium. Racing went all day long and I was able to channel my inner Phil Ligget along with Jeff (Bob Sherwin) Mozingo, and we were able to set the tone for the race; Namely irreverent uninformed mispronounced on air smack talking, you know, the usual. The GEar X crew rolled out, along with a certain BOOMbike, and held down the tightest corner of the course, witness to a number of crashes, and I only had the urge to puke on them once during my race.
It is always nice to be involved in an inaugural event, especially when they put you on the mike, and the crew is there making a racket. It just helps to ensure that stuffy conservatism is not the order of the day, and given how many middle age white men take part in bike racing, that is a valid concern. As it was, everyone was all smiles, and the future of the Glenwood Criterium looks reeal good.

Next year there is full commitment to a CruiZr Crit and more spectators ought to be there hootn' and hollerin'. . m

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