I am in a state of remiss, for many minutes now.. This Bonedale Bike week sure did sneak up on me, but it's here and STompArillaz ought probably to drive individual hummerz to work everyday this week, I'm pretty sure it's national bike week or something.. aanyway if you so much as think about burning more gas than absolutely necessary than you're probably gonna get a charlie horse. And you should Be here as much as possible this week..

MOnday night - basic maintenance clinic at Ute city cycles, in the event you know how to patch tires, and like road bikes you should join in the Stompa Road ride at 6, Dos Gringoz..

TuesdaY!! 6 p.m. at Brad'z shop, we're gonna build Polo malletz, we need SKi POLES! and other stuff, but bring ski poleZ! And 1.5 " or 2" pvc if you got some..

Wed eve,. Kick off Party at Dos Gringoz, skid contest out back.. yeah. you should probably wear a helmet, and your rollerblade pads...

Thursday. Bike Polo behind the CES, off weant, the old elementary schhool, fixxes and tall bikes will be playing, but bring whateva you got..

Friday, cruiser ride, ride in movie..

ok see ya. oh yeah and free commuter coffee every mornin from 7:30 - 9 at 4th and main.


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